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Untold Stories of African-Americans and the Sea

Voyage to Discovery is a multimedia educational initiative highlighting African-American contributions to the country's maritime heritage while fostering increased participation in marine careers and ocean conservation.

Journey through time to discover the untold stories of African-Americans and the sea through education, archaeology, science – and underwater exploration!

Education and Marine Careers
Many African-Americans helped shape our country's maritime history, thus charting the course for future generations. Learn more about exciting educational opportunities and marine jobs for people of all ages!
Dive into your Past!
Learn how members of the National Association of Black Scuba Divers are becoming trained in Underwater Archaeology. Discover the science of archaeology, underwater surveying, recording and shipwreck mapping techniques to preserve underwater cultural resources.
Tell Us Your Story
Your participation in Voyage to Discovery is critical to the project's success. We invite you to join in our quest by telling us about African-Americans and the sea. Let us feature a story about you, your family, community, or other historical figure, by first chronicling your tale on Facebook!

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