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What Will Be Your Story?

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Let us feature your story!
Your participation in Voyage to Discovery is critical to the project's success. We invite you to join in our quest by telling us about African-Americans and the sea. Let us feature a story about you, your family, community, or other historical figure. Chronicle your tale and post pictures on Facebook, and we may feature your story on www.voyagetodiscovery.org!

Featured Stories

Dawn Wright
Dawn Wright, first African-American woman to dive in the three-person autonomous craft Alvin. While the pilot steered Alvin through the black depths, in and around lava pillars and sulfide spires created by deep-sea hot spring or "hydrothermal" activity, Dawn and her science observer colleague looked out the two portholes on the sides of the vehicle and described into a tape recorder what they saw within the perimeter illuminated by the sub's lights.

Kwadjo Tillman
A 17-year-old aspiring marine scientist from Fairfield, Iowa, Kwadjo was one of three young members of the National Association of Black Scuba Divers (NABS) who traveled to the Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary in July of 2010 to participate in a scientific expedition to the Montana.




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